What are magnetic beads?

Our magnetic beads are the best beads you can buy.
They are made of MAGNETITE or loadstone, a natural magnetic stone mined in Brazil and parts of Europe and Asia. Magnetite is 100% natural stone unlike many of the man-made magnets you see in other products today.
These beads will never lose their power and are great for designing magnetic jewelry.
Also a very effective source of magnetic therapy.
Please note bead count is approximate.

Magnetic Spacer Beads:

Magnetic Spacer Beads are designed with two or three holes. These beads are great for making double or triple strand jewelry.

What are “super power” beads?

The magnetic beads labeled “super power” have a stronger magnetism than regular magnetic beads and can be used to make “wrap” jewelry with no clasp required.
See “Jewelry” page for wrap picture.

Magnetic Clasps:
Our magnetic clasps come in a variety of styles. The silver clasps are nickel plated. The golden clasps are gold plated. The black clasps are epoxy coated and with a plastic shell designed to protect them. This special covering is great for people who are allergic to nickel & metal.
The single clasps are used for making single strand jewelry, the double clasps are used for double strand jewelry and the triple clasps are used for triple strand jewelry.

Color stone beads and metal beads:
We also offer a nice selection of non-magnetic stones and metal beads that can be used in creating your own magnetic jewelry designs or strung on their own for non-magnetic pieces.

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