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Magnetik Wrap Kit

Makes 7 24" Wraps!


5 strands HEXA-SP58 (Super Power beads) 
1 strand
  ROUND-4 (4mm Round)
1 strand  FOWH-R4 (white cat eye fiber optic)
1 strand  FOPI-R4   (pink cat eye fiber optic)
1 strand  FOPU-R4  (purple cat eye fiber optic)
1 strand  FOGR-R4 (green cat eye fiber optic)
1 strand  FOBL-R4  (blue cat eye fiber optic)
500 MT-B35 (3.5mm silver balls)
LINE-60 (60lb stringing line 110yds

ONLY $89.95   Kit Savings of $13.95

The Starter Kit

Makes 5 jewelry pieces!


2 strands DRUM-4 (4mm drum)
2 strands ROUND-4 (4mm round)
1 strand RICE-69 (6x9mm rice)
1 strand HOWL-R6 (6mm round howlite)
1 strand TIGE-R6 (6mm round tiger eye)
5 pairs SMC-B66 (6mm black single magnetik clasp)
1 LINE-80 (0.8 mm, 80lb stringing line)

ONLY $49.95 ...Kit Savings of $7.50

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