Using the Single Clasp

Recommended Materials:  
Metal Sheet to work on. (An upside down cookie sheet works great!)
2. Lighter (Any lighter will work fine. Torch lighter is shown in picture)
3. Scissors
4. Copolymer Stringing Line 5. Magnetik Beads 6. Magnetik Clasps.

1-String one part of clasp with the large hole facing out. Burn the line to form a small knot. Let cool for 10 seconds and then pull inside
of the clasp hole.
2- Place strung clasp on metal sheet.
Start stringing the beads to make your design
3- String remaining part of clasp with big hole facing out. Check the length of your design.

4- Pull your design tight & cut remaining line so 1/2 - 3/4 inch is sticking out from clasp.
Burn end of line to form a knot.

5- Let the knot cool for 10 seconds and then pull inside of the clasp hole.
6- Close your jewelry design, clasps should attract
to eachother.

Using the Double Clasp

Tip for finishing your design:
The line will catch a flame when it is lit. As the line burns it will shrink forming a knot. You should blow out the flame before it reaches the clasp hole. There should be about 1/4 inch of line after making knot.


A little slack will be necessary for proper bending. You can also practice burning knots in the line before starting your project. As always use caution when working with a lighter & give yourself plenty of clear space to work.
Have fun Magnetik beading!

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